About Us

A division of Aventuras Tierra Adentro Inc., the Rope & Rescue School was created in 1998 to serve individuals and organizations looking for technical, up-to-date expertise in Rope & Rescue techniques.

We are located on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States where all federal safety rules and government regulations apply. Although both English and Spanish are the official languages, the latter is without a doubt predominant.

Therefore our courses are given in Spanish, though universal terminology and commands are taught in both languages. This is critical to our specialized training because safety at heights can only be achieved with good communication, and only if we are able to understand one another.

Our teaching staff has vast experience working as adventure guides, cavers, rock climbers, rescuers, riggers and industrial vertical workers. In doing so, they stay up to date on all new techniques, equipment and regulations. Knowledge is never-ending. Even students with years of experience can benefit from our courses, given the continuous development of new equipment and techniques. Our courses are well- supported by decades of successfully putting them into practice.

All courses are intensive and require good physical condition, plus good reading, writing and learning skills. Students must be adults (21 years or older). We work in small groups, so our maximum capacity for any class is 8 participants with one instructor and two assistants.

Classes are held at our facilities in San Juan. In addition to a store with a vast inventory of rope access, safety and rescue equipment, our premises are fitted out with a fully-equipped classroom, an indoor practice area, and the essential amenities needed for a fast-flowing, well- planned day of instruction. For the practical portion of the tower climbing and maneuvering courses, we use a tower site only 15 minutes away, adding to a realistic scenario. We instruct with passion because we have a genuine desire to transform our students into well-trained and thoroughly prepared technicians who will excel on their jobs at heights.

Our  Facilities