​The Competent Tower Rigger Course covers detailed aspects of tower rigging operations in compliance with ANSI/ASSE A10.48-2016. Rigging plans, equipment, lift arrangements, load multipliers and center of gravity are some of the topics covered.

The course also includes a Capstan Operator Certification. After demonstrations on how to operate a capstan, each participant will have the opportunity to practice. Safety and problem solving are emphasized.

All participants must demonstrate an aptitude for understanding rigging techniques, and be able to work with numbers and formulas.

Duration: 1 1/2 Days (12 hours in total) 

Class size: Minimum 6, Maximum 8
Cost per participant: $650.00 (plus taxes)

What is included?

  • The Competent Tower Rigger & Capstan Operator Manual

  • A wallet-sized Certification Card



Monday Day 1: Classroom Instruction, Demonstrations and Practices (8 hours)

  • Rigging Plans

  • Lift Arrangements with Tag Line 

  • Equipment

  • Load and Tag Line Forces

  • Sling Angle Forces

  • Center of Gravity

  • Capstan


Tuesday Day 2: Demonstrations and Practices (1.5 hours)

  • Lift Arrangements with Trolley

  • Capstan Problem Solving

  • Written and Practical Examination (2.5 hours)

*A score of 75% or better is required in order to be certified.